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I posted many months ago a compilation of legitimate and illicit Viewers. Due to Emerald’s Banning, that list has been revised to match the current standings of Third-Party Viewers.

The list is as follows:

Legitimate Viewers/Viewers OK’d by LL

Impruence Viewer

Kirsten’s Viewer

New Additions:

Ascent Viewer

Emergence Viewer

Phoenix Viewer

(Along with all of the LL-approved Third-Party Viewers listed on the Third-Party Viewer Directory)

Illicit Viewers:

CryoLife Viewer

NeilLife Viewer

VLife Viewer

Meerkat Viewer

And now, the Emerald Viewer.

LL banned the Emerald Viewer from use on account of the fact that time and time again, they have found errors in the Emerald Viewer, told the Dev. Team, and the top Dev’s did nothing to resolve the problem. All they did was hide the bad codes deeper and deeper into the Emerald Viewer so that they’d be harder to find, but LL found them, and told them to get their act together. Emerald did not get their act together, and went forth with tapping into the Users through the Emerald Viewer for malignant purposes. And, for this, LL brought forth the banhammer and whooped them to Kingdom Come.


Today, Joe Linden has announced the banning of the famous Emerald Viewer on the SL Forums:

As of 10am PT Wednesday, September 8, the Emerald Viewer will be blocked from logging in to Second Life as a result of violations of our Policy on Third Party Viewers. Residents who have been using any version of the Emerald Viewer will need to use a different Viewer to access Second Life. You can download the official Second Life Viewer, developed by Linden Lab, here. Or you can learn more about alternative Viewers, developed by third parties, here. There are several new Viewers listed in the TPV Directory, so there are many alternatives available to you.

We take Residents’ privacy, safety, and security very seriously and will take action to enforce the policies that help protect it. As our CEO, Philip Rosedale, has blogged about, we recently removed the Emerald Viewer from our Third-Party Viewer Directory due to violations of our Policy on Third-Party Viewers.

Since then, we have been in communication with the Emerald development team and have requested several changes in order to remedy violations of our policy, including changes necessary to meet our privacy requirements, and to address GPL license violations. Unfortunately, the team was unable to comply within a stipulated time frame. As a result, we have decided to block logins from the Emerald Viewer in order to protect our Residents. All versions of the Emerald Viewer will be blocked from logging in to Second Life as of tomorrow at 10am. Please be aware that attempting to circumvent our blocking to access Second Life with a banned Viewer is a violation of the Policy on Third-Party Viewers and may result in the loss of one’s account.

The Emerald Viewer was seen as one of the best Third-Party Viewers available, primarily because of how many useful features it had. However, upon the enforcement of the Third-Party Viewer Policy, or the TPVP, LL noticed that the Emerald Viewer was in error in multiple places. LL gave them several chances to correct these errors, but the Emerald Dev. Team never truly got rid of the malicious code. As I was reading through the Forum Posts, evidently the Emerald Dev. Team only buried the bad codes deeper and deeper into the Viewer so that they would be harder to detect. LL still found the bad code, told Emerald to get their act together, and Emerald never did.

Many would think that LL has truly gone off their rocker with this one, but it’s actually the opposite, surprisingly enough. It was, honest to goodness, a surprise to me that Emerald was so faulty. I’ve trusted it as my primary viewer for well over a year now, and its useful features have done me wonders. But it is truly, utterly and truly sorrowing to learn that the Emerald Team could do something like this – to go and, as I learned, “Use the Emerald Viewer’s innocent Users to unknowingly and unwillingly commit illegal actions.” Meaning that, the baddies in the Dev. Team were using the Emerald Viewer to tap into the Users and do things that are against the TPVP.

In light of the banning of the Emerald Viewer, Emerald Viewer -good- Dev’s like Jessica Lyon and LordGregGreg Back have left the Emerald Team and have abandoned the Viewer as a whole, and have created their own Viewers, that, unlike the Emerald Viewer, are -100%- in accordance with the TPVP. These new Viewers created by the Emerald Team -good- members are the Emergence Viewer and the Phoenix Viewer, both of which are in accordance with the TPVP.

It’s a tragedy that the Emerald Viewer, so loved by many Residents, had to come to this. The Emerald Viewer will never be used again (NO) thanks to their stubbornness to follow the TPVP.

There may be numerous effective ways of greatly reducing the frequency of copybotters and their copybotted stuff spreading by using different methods and means of communication.

1. Like how the copybotted stuff is spread, one could make a notecard telling people about copybotting and how it’s bad and spread it in the same way

2. Remove all copybotted content from the Nix Bazaar- mostly because most, if not all, newbies to TSL go there for the mother load of freebies and various other free objects, amongst them copybotted hair.

There are many more ways to help defeat copybotting, so, if you have an idea, feel free to post it as a comment! 🙂

Yet again I return to the topic of the current state of the Teen Grid. However, this time, I’ll do it in more of an outline-list.

Four private sims; All owned by one person

Ni went offline for a few days before coming back online

The Valentine’s Day sim is still here

More educational sims, most of which are no-public access

GKids is now down to just one sim

Still more copybotted stuff

I’ll add more when it comes to mind.

I actually find it rather funny when a copybotter attempts to appeal the legitimacy of their ripped stuff. Actually, being a Content Creator myself, I find it rather appalling. There is no justification for using a copybot viewer.


I’ll tell you why.

Think this in the sense of a furniture store in Real Life: You can’t make copies of furniture you bought at a store can you? If you want a copy, you’ll have to buy another one.

Hence why I find copybotting to have no justification at all. You can’t copy something you bought in Real Life, so why should you be able to do that in Second Life?

Acting defensive towards it only proves how dumb you are. Copybotting is illegal, and trying to justify it is asinine. If you want something from the Main Grid that badly, I suggest you help fight for the cause of getting the grids megred. (Or at least creating a cross-grid XStreet.)

I heard about something earlier from Ari Blackthorne’s blog called CDS.

Link to his blog post: (

I seriously wonder why Linden Labs hasn’t thought an idea up like that for the Teen Grid. A Grid-wide system that could banhammer any detected copybotters would be an interesting prospect.

As it has been stated so many times before, Linden Labs needs to do something about copybotting on the Teen Grid- solving the problem on the Main Grid helps, but then quite a deal of stuff on the TG is from MG. So, Linden Labs should consider using a CDS System on both grids- otherwise the problem will only be partially solved.

Admittedly, many of us have pushed LL into doing what we want, but to such the extent that they have started to blindly shoot anyone they suspect of copybotting. Unfortunately, as important as the matter is, we can’t go around attacking anyone and everyone we think is a copybotter without proof. One must remember to give the accused their own time to speak of the matter, as is Due Process.

Arwyn addressed it wonderfully.

It is no walk through the park when you’re a content creator on the Teen Grid. It is practically impossible to avoid being accused of copybotting, unless there is crystal-clear proof that you aren’t. So, some few potential content creators on the Teen Grid shy away from selling their stuff, for fear that they would be suspected of copybottting. SL’s building has a bad problem: The “Duplicate” function. It’s a handy-dandy tool for builders that like being speedy and efficient, but it does not work in the builder’s favor when being suspected of copybotting because when you duplicate a prim, the next prim retains the creation date of the first prim- thus meaning that the finished object, though perfectly legitimately made, could be suspected of having been copybotted.

Once again, I revisit a topic that is in need of updating: The State of the TG.

The TG remains as a cesspool of trolls and copybotters alike- let alone how the Mainland is practically crawling with armies/army-trolls. The TG is truly becoming an epic disaster, and it would be some kind of miracle if LL finally did us all a favor and got rid of them. The TG lies in the midst of communism, with MG Content everywhere, and people fighting over legitimacy everywhere else.

The TG is no kind of stroll through the park, but rather, a stroll down an industrial wasteland with  the road covered in chemical waste, slowly eating away and corrupting your feet.

But, at the same time, the TG  has also become something of a black hole- primarily due to the copybotters siphoning content off from the MG to the TG.

Armies clutter the mainland, leaving less places for what most people truly want- a place that is not involved with militaries or politics, but, such a group is not an easy thing to come by, especially on TG.

Trolls rule the TG- almost as if the whole of the mainland were owned by them.

The lack of multiple estates on the TG leaves low variety, and only increases the boredom and dullness of the already dead and depressing grid. And for those teens who joined early, it would be more of a boring cage, with little to do and few places to go.

It’s almost a wonder as to how LL thought this was a good idea.

There are tons of third-party SL Viewers out now, but the one real problem is that everyone is shooting each other, thinking that the other person’s Viewer is designed for copybotting. But exactly which ones are safe to use, or don’t have copybot as a feature?

I do know that the Emerald Viewer is safe. But, what I want to know is which ones are safe to use, and which ones aren’t, because I don’t want to run across someone that’s using a viewer I’ve never heard of before that has copybot, or run across someone that has what appears to be a safe viewer, but it actaully turns out that it has copybot as well.

These are the third-party viewers that I know of that are safe to use:

  • Emerald Viewer
  • Imprudence Viewer

These are the third-party viewers that I know of that can copybot:

  • CryoLife Viewer
  • NeilLife
  • VLife

These are the third-party viewers that I am not entirely sure about whether or not they are safe or not:

  • Meerkat Viewer

I don’t suppose anyone could help shine some light on the situation?

I decided to go ahead and address something regarding the copybotters. First off, not all copybotters have been caught yet. I despise copybotters, especially since they’re the sole reason the TG is in the bullshit it’s in now. Whenever you see the copybotter- the one that wears the stuff he/she copybotted, or someone that’s on CryoLife, throw a bunch of large sharp pointy objects at them, and throw a bunch of angry Lindens at them too.

It was about time I put up a post regarding this viewer, because I’ve been seeing more people use it, but it’s generally only been but a very rare case that I would see someone who uses CryoLife.

The CryoLife Viewer, one of the few Third-Party SL Viewers used for malicious purposes. The Emerald Viewer, is, perhaps, your greatest defense against CryoLife Users, but unfortunately, there’s no way to stop CryoLife Users from copybotting your AV. Emerald was though to be a hacking viewer like CryoLife, but it isn’t. Emerald allows you to back up stuff that is:

1.In your inventory, belongs to you.

2. Emerald will only back up stuff that’s full perms, or if the object let’s you modify, copy, and transfer it.

CryoLife enables the User to target someone and rip their AV, or copybot every detail of the AV. CryoLife can back up objects that do not belong to you, and objects that do not have full permissions. Surely any SL Viewer that’s meant to rip something that doesn’t belong to the User can’t be good.

On Emerald, a CryoLife User’s Avatar Name is highlighted in a blue-light blue color, and the Avatar Name would be as follows:

Name Name (CryoLife)

Take note that when there is a CryoLife User in the region, it might be a good idea to leave that region.

CryoLife has a huge imperfection in it: It sends Avatar Keys to a specific channel. If you don’t use Emerald, then you will need a script that can listen to that channel.

CryoLife can hide itself under a proxy name, and in this time, the name would be highlighted red. If you know what copybotting looks like, then you should be able to spot a CryoLife User ripping an AV with ease. Just look for the CryoLife User rapidly turning into the target.

There is no way to stop a CryoLife User from ripping your AV, only ways to slow or make it harder for them.

The TG is currently at the point where anyone who is found using CryoLife or any hacking viewer will be banned from one’s land and reported.